Digital Transformation energy Sector Forum 2024

Best in class networking event for Digital professionals in the Energy Industry globally

26-27-28 JUNE 2024 @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam

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About Digital Transformation energy Sector Forum!

Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector Forum Digitalisation has an impact along the entire energy value chain, ranging from generation to transport, distribution, supply and consumption.

A system-wide approach and the support of EU countries to promote the cooperation between digital and energy stakeholders are needed so that the digitalisation of energy can better contribute to reach the EU’s ambitious political priorities, including the European Green Deal and making the EU fit for the digital age.

Ensuring that the ICT sector is efficient and environmentally friendly in its operation and energy consumption is also important. In addition, the development of digital solutions needs an infrastructure fit for the future, with common standards, gigabit networks and secure clouds of both current and next generations.

As the technological transformation from analog to digital advances, digital technologies will make energy systems more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and sustainable over the coming decades. Technologies that can improve the way we use energy and help find solutions to decarbonise our energy systems include information and communication technologies (ICT), modern sensors, big data and artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.

Digitalisation and the extensive use of data comes with a set of challenges, and requires preserving high privacy, security, safety and ethical standards, particularly for cyber security matters.

Such an infrastructure is instrumental so that consumers can benefit from new ways to engage in the energy transition and from better services based on digital innovations and more efficient energy use, as well as energy savings.

Why Attend Digital Transformation energy Sector Forum

Alignment with EU Priorities: Given the forum's emphasis on the European Green Deal and the digital age's integration, attendees gain an in-depth understanding of how digitalization in the energy sector aligns with and advances the EU's ambitious political priorities

System-Wide Approach: The digital transformation energy sector forum emphasizes the necessity for a system-wide approach and the collaboration between digital and energy stakeholders. This collaborative effort is crucial for leveraging digitalization effectively to achieve sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy systems.

Addressing Challenges: Discussions at the forum shed light on the challenges accompanying digitalization, such as privacy, security, safety, and ethical standards. It offers insights into strategies to ensure cyber security, efficient energy consumption by ICT sectors, and the development of future-fit infrastructure with common standards and secure networks.

Consumer Empowerment: The event underscores the significance of empowering consumers in the energy transition through digital innovations. It highlights how these innovations lead to better services, efficient energy usage, and substantial energy savings.

Strategic Networking: Attending this forum provides a unique opportunity to network with leading experts, policymakers, and industry professionals in the field of digital transformation in the energy sector. This networking can foster collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge exchange.

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26-27-28 JUNE 2024

Our Event Venue :

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam

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Stationsplein Zuid-West 951, 1117 CE Schiphol, Netherlands